9.23 Bisexual Pride Day: Take you into bisexuality

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Bisexual Pride Dating

In today's increasingly free society, the topic of "bisexuality" is often discussed. It seems to express a trend of emancipating the mind. More and more people support bisexuality and bisexual couple, even if they are heterosexual or homosexual, also agree with the existence and legitimacy of "bisexuality."

In ancient times, many countries and regions were polygamous. As long as the principle is not broke, the bisexual dating or threesome dating is acceptable to society. However, in modern society, monogamy is made to become the choice of this equal society, and these originally hidden sexual rules are forced to be made public. This is also the reason why the current voice for homosexuality and bisexuality is growing.

In the past, bisexuality has received undue discrimination in both the East and the West. When 27 countries such as the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands recognize the legitimacy of homosexuality, many homosexuals are also hostile to bisexual groups. The reason is that many people believe that bisexuality is not emotionally monogamous , they will become partners with many people crossing different genders. There is not much scientific basis for such a statement. Bisexuality like heterosexuality and homosexuality will be interested in specific subjects at specific times, but they are not restricted by gender. The movement for bisexual freedom in the world is a movement about human rights. Pursuing one's preferences should be respected by others, and bisexuality is fully explaining this preference: I love the person, love his body and mind, love his character of that person, has nothing to do with its gender.

When most of us are asked about sexual orientation, we will probably respond directly to heterosexuality or homosexuality, and few people will know whether they are on the border of bisexuality. Sexologists say that people's sexual orientation can be fluid. Each person's subconscious mind has more or less a tendency to have bisexuality.

Let us return to childhood when the concept of sexual preference is in an uncivilized state. Under the guidance of adults consciously or unconsciously, boys and boys play Transformers and chase together, girls will sit together, playing with dolls and housekeepers, their perception of same-sex is higher than that of the opposite sex. Although in the future life, children with same-sex tendencies gradually form a universal heterosexual view under the influence of society, the homosexual tendency left in the subconscious of childhood is exactly forming what is now called bisexuality.

Today, as an independent group, bisexuality has the symbol of bisexual pride, designed by Mike Page in the United States. The top of the banner is red or pink stripes representing homosexuality, the bottom is a blue stripe representing the opposite sex, and the middle is a purple stripe representing bisexuality.

With the progress of society, on September 23rd, it was designated as “bisexual pride day”. This is not only the day of bisexual groups but also the day when all human beings are proud of the development of human right.