Bisexual reality show is landing in the UK

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Bisexual Pride Dating

The two-year dating reality show has been very popular, such as Heart Signal in South Korea, where several single men and women live together for one month. A common feature of these programs is the form of dating for men and women, or precisely heterosexual dating. But reality shows for bisexuals are rare, for example, we never saw a show about threesome dating or bisexual dating.

But it is an open-mind for dating a bisexual, so the requirement of audiences is huge. So the E! Entertainment TV coming from the USA has created a dating reality show, The Bi Life, in the UK and Ireland, which is also the UK's first bisexual dating show.

Hosted by Australia's famous Transfiguration Queen Courtney Act (formerly Shane Jenek), this show brings a couple of bisexual, pansexual, sexually mobile and suspicious individuals to Barcelona.

In the newly released trailer, the actors dressed in white costumes splashed each other with colored paint, symbolizing "you have added color to my life", and the three colors of pink, blue and purple also confirmed the theme of bisexuality.

In terms of form, the actors will live together, gather together, help each other, observe other people's experiences and feedback, and explore the dating of bisexual. For some people, this means they will be the first to explore who they are. The show will describe the preparations for the date, the state of mind and the process of dating in a reality show, with a focus on what kind of differences between bisexual dating and general heterosexual dating. The actors will choose the objects they like and the show will allow them to make a separate date. This program will record the climax and trough of their date.

The host, Courtney Act, said: “Now there are a lot of young viewers in dating programs, like me. The people who attract me are not just gender. In 2018, we know that sexual orientation is mobile. It is important for young people who are bisexual to share stories and experiences, laughter and love. So be prepared to see the true story of these bisexual singles. They are a lot in the LGBTQ+ group, but they are little known."

Lee Raftery, director of marketing and content at NBC Universal International, the parent company of E!, thinks this show is a “critical moment” for E! “In the UK, people who think they are bisexual have grown 73% in the past four years. We are very excited to bring this show to the audience in the UK and Ireland."

This reality show was filmed in August and September and is currently in production. The broadcast time is October 25, a total of 10 episodes.