Enter a bisexual girl’s world

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Bisexual Pride Dating

I am a bisexual, which is normal in the era of men seeking men,women seeking women. Do you want to enter my world? Let me tell you a story about bisexual dating of myself.

So do you like boys or girls? This may be the most frequently asked question of bisexuality. My answer to this question is two versions. The short version is: "All like it." The long version starts with "Before meeting her." Before meeting her, I was a straight girl who indulged in beautiful novels and BL comics and had a girl friend of Lala. This is all my knowledge of sexual minorities. When discussing homosexuality, I always said directly: "Of course, I want to support them." I can't really know that "non-heterosexuality" should be LGBT+. In this world, there is bisexual love in addition to homosexuality. Other sexual orientations, there are many unknown possibilities.

Until I met a girl named Kelly, she was very fashionable and was an important person in the school. And I found we are similar in character. In this way, we easily became good friends. But you know that it is not necessarily a good thing for two people who are too similar in character to be friends. Have you ever heard a sentence: "The friendship between girls is like a balloon full of gas. Any unintentional words, a move, may become a slender needle, piercing this balloon full of gas, then gas gradually run away until it finally dried up." I and she were like this, and finally, because the contradictions we were separated. I deleted her and she also deleted me (I admit that it is very naive). But when I deleted all of her information as if this person had not appeared in my life, I began to lose sleep, my heart was empty, and life seemed to have no meaning for me.

That is, from that time on, I began to question my feelings. I never lost my soul because I lost a friend. This bad state lasted for a month. Until one day, a sister saw me sly and asked: "Are you lost love?" I shook my head and nodded again. I don't deny that I like her, but this kind of love is like friendship or between lover? I am confused.

After three months of decadence, a volunteer from a sexual minority organization found me because of one of my articles. That night, we talked about each other's life from the article. She is a bisexual girl, and my current state likes her situation in many years ago. After talking about it, she asked me if I want to join a bisexual organization. I did not hesitate to agree,because I need someone to tell me what I am.

Since joining the bisexual organization, I have found that there are so many people in the same situation as me. We exchanged experiences and shared emotional experiences, which made me stand up again after a couple of days of decadence. Then I began to actively participate in various LGBT activities, and I was looking for my own sex and love.