Take pride of being born as bisexual

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Bisexual Pride Dating

My name is Amy, an American girl who was born in San Francisco, 27-years-old. I am a bisexual girl and a swinger girl at some time in the past. I joined some threesome dating party in the past not because I really like it, but as a bisexual girl, I was always misunderstood by people around me. They said:” She is a bisexual girl, she must like swinger life.” In the beginning, I explained my sexual orientation and standard of selecting a lover to them, but no one understood me. So I became indulgent and tried what they called open sexual play.

But I am a girl who believes love and wants a serious relationship. At a party, I knew John, who is a software engineer graduated from a famous university. And he is a bisexual too. We fell in love with each other and shared our life experience. Both of us believed that society has some prejudice in the bisexual group. “We need to do some change,” John said to me in an evening when we had a walk in a park. “But how?” I replied to him. “More and more LGBT members are marching on the street, let’s join them,” John said. That is a night both of us were excited to talk about our future.

We joined in some LGBT communities the next day. In such an organization, we met so many partners there. Everyone treats each other as a brother, sharing experiences and discussing ways to make bisexuals more accepted and understood. We marched on the street by the schedule. When we organize these kinds of events, some people will object to us, they will shout to us: "go home, disgusting pervert."But more and more people started to support us, and even many straight people started to take part in our marches. John and I were encouraged by people around us, we even decided to write a book about our bisexual life and love. In the past, we were not accepted by the whole society, but nowadays we began to march on the street proudly.

“We do not win, but someday will.”The organizer of one LGBT community said that. He always walked in the first and encouraged all of us. More and more bisexual people have come to join us, they began to express their sexual orientation and sexual need in public.

“We were born as bisexual, we take pride in our sexual orientation. The land of liberty has given us many rights, and we will fulfill them by our actions. One day, the world will know that bisexuals can choose male or female partners because they have more love.”