Why some young females started to date with Bi mature

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The couple seeking bisexual singles is normal nowadays, which is because people always want something fresh and stimulating. And a recent trend is some young females started to date with Bi mature. It seems to be interesting, and some guys say it is a bad culture. However, our modern young females do not care about such gossip. They go on their way and live their own lives. But why do these young females love such a bisexual dating? Let's take a look at how the following women answered this question.


I am a girl studying at Philadelphia University, a sophomore. I always want to explore something fresh, so I join many communities in my university. As I grew up, I found that I am interested in both men and women, which means I am a bisexual girl. This open mind world, it is not a problem for me. On the contrary, I take pride of my sexual orientation and I always want to find my love. Since I met Beck, one of the professors in the academy of arts at my university, I knew he is my lover which I always look for. He is more than 50 years old, not so handsome, but still attracts me by his talent. I should add that he is a bisexual too. He treats others politely, and live a life with passion, making me fall in love with him. Although the campus forbids the love between the teacher and student, how can such a rule block the love between him and me?


I am 22 years old, who operates a women’s clothing store in Henderson, Nevada. I am a heterosexual girl, and since I met him, I never thought that I will fall in love with a bisexual man over 40. He is police in our district and saved my life in an armed robbery. Since then, I found myself started to fall in love with him, although he had divorced once and has an 8-years-old daughter. I love to share his emotion experience and try to understand the fact that he is interested in men and women. He is a brave man in work time and a gentleman in a lifetime, which gives me a feeling of security.


I am a girl who likes a swinger lifestyle, 21-years-old. I have many experiences of sexuality, including threesome dating and group sex. And recently I found I have a little sex apathy, which is not a good sign for a girl who likes swinger. I try to solve a problem until I was introduced by one of my friends to a bisexual club. In fact, I am a straight girl, but I wanted to explore sexuality. Here, I knew kinds of bisexual people, to my surprise I started to love the feeling of dating with Bi mature. They are gentle, sexually experienced and know how to make a girl happy. In such a situation, you would easily forget their age. Trust me, the feeling is not bad.