Will you dating a bisexual girl if you are a lesbian

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A lot of people equate bisexual with lesbian. It is wrong. Lesbian means the woman who is interested in women only. But the bisexual woman means she is interested in both men and women. That does not mean bisexual women always want to have a relationship with men and women at the same time, it also does not mean they won’t try to maintain a long-term relationship. Like heterosexual and homosexual people, most bisexual women also wish to get married to their lover. If you are a lesbian, will you have a bisexual dating with a bisexual girl?

In my opinion, It's a question that varies from person to person. Some part of gay women is open to such a bisexual dating, and other ones do not want to try. Let’s talk about the ones who do not want to try first. There are some reasons for it as below: The first, there are some misunderstandings about bisexuals. Both lesbian and bisexual are belong to LGBT, and in the past, they were not accepted by the whole society. As time goes on, more and more people began to accept lesbian, but there is still a lot of misunderstanding about bisexuals. So even some lesbians are hostile to bisexuals, and they thought a bisexual girl will not be loyal to her lover. The second, lesbian is easy to jealous when her bisexual lover is attracted by the opposite sex. Here, perhaps you will ask me a question of why the lesbian will not be jealous when her bisexual lover is attracted by the same gender. The answer to the question is due to the mental and physical features of lesbian, she will show stronger jealousy when her lover is attracted by the opposite sex. And such jealousy always messes up the relationship between the lesbian and her bisexual lover.

Now it is turned for some lesbian who accepts the dating with a bisexual girl. In usually, this part of the lesbian has an open-mind, and knows how to control the jealousy, and has a strong sense of conquest. They do not reject bisexual women because of their sexual orientation. On the contrary, they even find it exciting to compete with a man for a mate. And they always learn how to get along with a bisexual mate, especially when she is attracted by a man. They are some brave lesbian.

In conclusion, the world is becoming more and more open, each of us needs to learn how to accept people with different features and different idea. If you are a lesbian and want to date with a bisexual girl, I wish you know how to love and treat your mate.